Agnes is a superb masseuse for athletes, rehabilitation and those simply seeking to relax. She knows how to treat the whole person and can diagnose and successfully reduce pain, enhance strength and increase flexibility in even the most difficult cases. I continue to highly recommend her without reservation to my doctors, family and friends.
— Paula
Agnes is a truly gifted massage therapist, whose knowledge of the body is extensive and profound. After every session, I feel deeply renewed. If I could afford a live-in body worker, Agnes would be the one!
— Adele
I simply couldn’t realize my exercise goals or feel nearly as good without her therapy. She listens carefully, has deep knowledge and extraordinarily effective techniques. I strongly recommend her for anyone who wants serious, therapeutic treatments from a wonderfully warm person.
— Josh
Discovering Agnes/ Teva massage was a turning point in my life. I was fortunate to find her as she has proven to be a superb therapist and sensitive healer who helped me through a highly stressful period in my life. Agnes combines top-rate technical skills and educational background with an innate instinct to improve the whole person, body and mind. Appointments with Agnes are now an essential part of my health routine.
— Patricia
Agnes is an incredibly gifted massage therapist - and a great listener - which makes for a truly therapeutic and healing experience. 

She has an incredible knowledge base, and is constantly learning more about the body and muscle structure, and incorporates new therapies into her repertoire to help you achieve the best results for you. She has helped both my husband and I address very different and specific issues, and continues to help us evolve our bodies toward optimum health. 

Agnes is like the Steve Jobs of the massage therapy world - brilliant, innovative, and constantly seeking to perfect her craft.
— Kari
Now that I have begun seeing Agnes, the blonde goddess of Teva Massage, it is very hard to imagine managing before. She has an uncanny, x-ray vision of what is going on inside the body, underneath it all. With each visit, she imparts her deep knowledge of the body that goes beyond just muscle tissue and gets to the core of what is going on within. She is a holistic healer. After each visit she leaves me with stretches to perform at home as well as different natural products so that I could continue the healing on my own which is invaluable. She has restored my sense of self and has given me an awareness that I am so thankful for. I consider her a teacher and friend.
— Chana
Since I have had the incredible good fortune last year to be referred to Agnes, I have been grappling with how I could submit a review that would aptly describe just how incredible she is. As a person that has had chronic back and neck pain for 20 years, I have had an extreme amt of massages and body work in the most renowned spas in NYC & around the world + physical therapy, chiropractic care and on. With that, I can truly say a treatment with Agnes is BY FAR the BEST.
— Christina